Who Are We?

In a Few Words

The best way to discover a church, of course, is to experience it for yourself, which is why we warmly invite you to join us for a Sunday morning. Until that happens, the following words will give you a few hints:

  • Our worship is casual, passionate, and intentional
  • Our dress code is come as you are
  • Our ministries bring us together to meet needs and enjoy each other's company
  • Our people care about each other and love to share the hope and power of our faith with our guests
  • Our signature ministry is called "Helmets of Hope," through which we provide essential household supplies to recently homeless veterans
  • Our pastor is a gifted teacher, preacher, and counselor, experienced in all aspects of ministry but self-promoting about none. Bill Coley is also a reliable source of spontaneous fun and laughter.



We are affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a Christian denonination whose national website can be found HERE,  and whose website for our particular region of the country can be found HERE.


On Your Own, but Never Alone

We welcome and embrace the historic Disciples claim that we have no creed but Christ and no book but the Bible. One outgrowth of this claim is our congregation’s welcoming support for every person’s spiritual journey. While we unify around the belief that Jesus is the Christ – the one God sent to save us; the one who died so that we might live – we do not have position statements on social, political, or theological issues with which people connected to our church must agree. God’s movements in your life are unique to you. We are not - and don’t want to be - equipped to decide your faith for you.

Our church is a community of Jesus followers who support and encourage each other in their respective spiritual journeys. On many things you might agree with many of us. On many things you might disagree with many of us. On all things and at all times, you are welcomed to follow Jesus with us.