To the Pointe: A Sunday group Bible study

What's the point of the Bible? Connect with this Sunday group and find out!

"To the Pointe" is a group named after our beautiful outdoor gathering place called "The Pointe" not only because, when weather permits, the group meets there, but because the group's mission is to get to the point of Bible passages.

The group examines Bible passages - both familiar and not -  in order to identify the core message or truths they convey.

  1. The Pointe is a perfect meeting place in the 9AM hour for a Sunday group. Trees block direct sunlight, the area rarely if ever is a gathering place for bugs, and the setting is naturally beautiful. Click HERE for a view of The Pointe.

We invite you to join us for a different kind of Bible study, whose content and, when possible, meeting site, will inform, challenge, and inspire you.

[NOTE: When weather conditions do not permit the grop to meet on The Pointe, it meets on our building's lower level.]