Rise Up, Church! campaign raises money for building improvements

















For the last eleven  months we've been raising money to pay for important improvements on the east side of our building. One month remains in the Rise Up, Church! campaign.

Those improvements include:

  • Two new entrance doors into fellowship hall on the building's lower level
  • A ramp to create easy access onto The Pointe, our refurbished knoll area
  • A new, wider sidewalk alongside the east side of the building
  • Improvements to The Pointe, including new layers of mulch and an indentification sign
  • New fencing aroud HVAC units
  • Lighting added to The Pointe and the east side of the building
  • A banner/sign added to the east side of the building

The initial goal of our "Rise Up, Church!" campaign was $10,000. Unfortunately, cost estimates on our projects have changed, and that has compelled us to increase the campaign's goal to $13,000.

If you have made a pledge, thank you! If you have made payments on or completed your pledge, or made another form of donation, thank you! If you have yet to contribute to this cause, we encourage you to join us. You can download a pledge donation card on our File Downloads page.

The 30% increase in the campaign's goal calls on all of us to step up our response, to "rise up" once again.