Find ALL of your your abundant life in new FCCEM group

At Easter we celebrate new life in the resurrection of Jesus. We believe there's a new life waiting for us today!

We invite you to join our Abundant Life League (ALL) on the third  Wednesday of each month, starting at 6:30 p.m. ALL's mission is to equip and empower people to pursue and live the abundant life Jesus promised (John 10.10).

As its acronymn suggests, our ALL group will deal with many dimensions of life: diet, exercise, relationships, spirituality, and others. Part accountability, part encouragement, the group will provide support for your efforts to live a better, fuller life, AND give you an opportunity to support others’ efforts to do the same.

The group will meet monthly, and hold special events (e.g. participation in community walks) to strengthen relationships between group members. We invite you to join us!


From our File Downloads page, download a copy of the ALL group's quality of life assessment tool. Instructions are on the form and the web page. (Want to improve your scores? Join us for the next ALL meeting!)