And from Bill's camera: An Iowa sunset

Part of my three day Thanksgiving journey included a stop at the cemeteries where are buried my parents and grandparents. The final cemetery stop took me to Macedonia, Iowa (mom and dad buried there). As my stay lengthened, a colorful sunset developed in the west, which prompted me to pull out my camera and tripod to shoot dozens of images, including the following.

Leave a comment HERE to tell me/us which photo(s) you like, if any, and why. I know I like these shots, but I can't decide whether I like some more than others! Help me out!

p.s. One tip if you're interested in photgraphing sunsets: Underexpose! If your camera allows you to override its suggested exposure length, do so and increase the shutter speed above what the camera calls for (shutter stays open less time). Underexposure produced the vivid colors you see in the following images.